Our Principles

By minimising our overheads we use virtually all the money we raise to support the children and orphans. We only support orphanages, clinics and pre-schools for infants and younger children where we know that the staff are properly trained and dedicated, also that any money sent is spent for the direct benefit of the children.


Patron – The Viscount Slim


Chairman – Brigadier Colin van Orton
Mrs Johni van Orton
Vicky Bowman – HM Ambassador to Burma 2002-6
Mr Peter James
Mrs Janet McDonald
Dr Irene Yi
Ms Jane Nind
Treasurer – Ms Charmaine Johnson


Our logo is based on two toys that children play with in Burma. They are the pyit-tain-taun, which always bounces back when you knock it over, illustrating the resilience of the people of Burma. And the Owl which is wise and has a slot in its head for money - because without your donations we cannot help the children in need!

Voluntary Organisation

BCF has no paid staff, the fund is run entirely by its very small volunteer committee.
We have few overheads. Expenses are kept to a minimum and Trustees pay all their own travel and accommodation costs when they visit Burma. As a result 95% of our income goes to Burma to meet the children’s needs

Fund Raising

Much of our fund raising is undertaken by our Trustees, they are available to give talks about our activities. We are very grateful to individuals and groups of people who raise funds for our Charity. We welcome support from anyone who want to raise funds on our behalf.
Recent fund raising activities include:
Sponsored runs, walks, swims and cycle rides
Meals, Curry Parties and BBQs
Coffee Mornings, Table Top sales


We would like to appeal to anyone who has an interest in Burma, or who has had a relative who has been involved in Burma, to consider leaving a legacy to our Charity.

Why Children?

They are the innocent victims of the adult problems. They are too young to help themselves and need the support of adults to care for them and to run the nurseries, pre-schools and orphanages that feed, clothe and educate them. The children are the future of Burma, and hopefully one day they will become people who can give back to their country and strengthen it.
Who we Support – We are supporting or have funded the construction of pre–schools and nurseries in many parts of the country. We support educational, training and health care programmes.
Look at our Facebook Page to see about some recent activities.


Once we have provided support we receive feedback on: