How To Fundraise

If you would like to raise funds to support our work please let us know and we will help to promote and advertise what you are doing.

An easy way to collect donations is to use a website such as Just Giving, they process all the receipts, keep the accounts add any Gift aid and pass the proceeds directly to us

Abby aged seven baked some buns and sold them outside her house.

Davina's grandaughter did a sponsored swim

Claire and Suzanne ran the Windsor half marathon

Johni takes photographs, turns them into Burma Children's fund greetings cards and sells them

Andrew, Liz & their family friends canoed on the Thames, cycled to Paris and did the 3 peaks challenge

Barbara asked friends to donate to the Burma Children's Fund, instead of giving her presents for her 80th birthday

Stuart and many friends trained and did the Cardiff 10 km run

Lorna made jams and cakes and sold them at fairs

Robin and Audrey asked friends to donate to the Burma Children's Fund instead of giving them wedding presents

Rory ran in the London marathon

The team at Rawnet made cupcakes and sold them

Janet held coffee mornings and sold Burma Children's Fund cards

Andrew and Yvette asked friends to donate to the Burma Children's fund instead of giving them wedding presents

Irene & Maurice cooked meals for people's dinner parties

Anne and her trefoil friends sew items to sell

Clare's friends cycled to Brighton and also played a marathon netball game

Alan raised money by writing a blog about his travels in Burma

Sarah, Rob and Jane organised a dinner dance and Irene and Maurice cooked the food

Paul hands out our leaflets when he gives talks about his travels

Jed has a Burma Children's Fund collecting box in his garage

Colin & Johni have organised an annual charity golf day

Brian gets invitations for the trustees to give talks about the Burma children's fund

Sara cycled the distance from Rangoon to Mandalay

Janet U makes cards, knits clothes and sells what she makes

Sarah B has done a trek and David has done a cycle challenge in Burma

Alan shaved off his beard in the local pub and also saved 5p pieces to support the children in Burma